Trelleborg launches new whitepaper and app

Trelleborg launches new whitepaper and app to aid the innovation of engineered fabrics
Trelleborg’s engineered fabrics operation has launched a new portfolio of resources, to aid engineers in their product innovation and raise the profile of high performance engineered fabrics in applications where previously they might not have been considered.

Designed to guide engineers through their product development processes and help to optimize innovation, Trelleborg has launched a whitepaper on design and manufacturing excellence. In addition, the company has produced a new self-selection application tool - the Fabric of Industry App – which is designed to guide specifiers towards a high performance material that could be suitable for their application.

Johan Frithiof, Commercial Director within the engineered fabrics operation of Trelleborg Coated Systems, said: “In a market where technology is rapidly changing, company resources are placed under strain and approvals and regulations requirements are much more demanding, it has become harder for engineers in all industries to innovate. However, continuous product development is vital to ensure performance, compliance and efficiency.

“In launching these two tools, we aim to share our specialist knowledge and arm our customers with the information they need to make educated specification decisions. Specifically, the whitepaper indicates the benefits of building strategic partnerships to ease the strains on a company’s business and yield real benefits. The app will allow customers to easily select the most suitable engineered fabric for them, from a large database of products.”

Engineered fabrics can often substitute materials such as metals, plastics and resins, where greater flexibility, durability and resistance to chemicals or extreme temperatures are required. However, they are often not the first solution considered. Trelleborg is therefore keen to educate engineers across all industries of the capabilities of these solutions and the parameters which can be met through tailor-made manufacturing.

For additional information regarding Trelleborg’s engineered fabrics new whitepaper and Fabric of Industry App.