Trelleborg Installs a Groundbreaking Rapid Prototype Center for Coated Fabrics

Trelleborg Installs a Groundbreaking Rapid Prototype Center for Coated Fabrics
RUTHERFORDTON, NC – March 8, 2017: Trelleborg’s engineered coated fabrics operation has installed a new state-of-the-art Rapid Prototype Center (RPC) in its Rutherfordton, North Carolina, facility in the U.S. The miniature prototype equipment offers the latest technology in the rapid prototyping field and an invaluable service to current and potential customers. It reduces the time and cost of creating functional coated fabric samples that are highly-correlated to large-scale production equipment.

After defining the customer’s needs, developing a cutting-edge concept, and receiving the customer’s approval, Trelleborg’s research and development team designs a unique and customized lab sample in the RPC that undergoes stringent testing before moving to serial production.

Steve Brockman, Sales and Business Development Director for Trelleborg’s engineered coated fabrics, says: “’Measure twice and cut once’ is an old proverb that could be used to describe the standard to which Trelleborg’s engineered coated fabrics operation bases its innovation process.

“The new RPC capability enables us to bring new products to market faster.  After defining the performance requirements with our customers, we can now work through the iterative development and qualification process in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take using our production equipment. Our commitment to rapid innovation will help our customers win in the marketplace.”

Trelleborg’s investment in RPC technology has enhanced its capability to meet ever-demanding market needs, such as for safety applications on commercial aircraft, tactical gear for defense personnel, life-saving medical equipment, safety clothing for firefighters, and a broad range of protective clothing applications.

The RPC contributes significantly to the fourth stage in Trelleborg’s five-step new product development process to ensure customers select the right polymer material and engineered textile for their application and performance requirements.