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Although growing in popularity, renewable energy technologies are still facing challenges – some are inherent with all new technologies, others are the result of rules and regulations. To achieve true sustainability and profitability it is necessary to find partners with the ability to conceptualize fresh innovations and take them all the way from the drawing board to a commercialized solution. With Trelleborg’s experience and engineering skills, you will get solutions that will optimize efficiency and sustainability in wind, solar, water and wave energy production. 

Solutions for your business

Make your applications both energy and cost efficient by partnering up with Trelleborg. An expert with ownership of the complete process, Trelleborg is your trusted partner with vast experience from the field. 

OEM or Manufacturer

Renewable energy applications, whether on land or offshore, involve rough environments and high demands. With a range of high-quality products and solutions combined with in-depth knowledge and efficient service, Trelleborg can help you avoid costly downtime.

Aftermarket service and support

With a long-term partner like Trelleborg you can rely on service for repairs and maintenance. Backed by the expertise of our worldwide engineering and manufacturing network, we are there to support you, wherever your location.

Retailers and dealers

Trelleborg delivers critical components for various fields within renewable energy. You will benefit from the short lead times and quick support that only a company with global reach and local presence can provide. 

Trelleborg as your partner

At Trelleborg we have strong track record in renewable energy. We have been working with sustainable power sources since the first wind installation in Great Britain in the 1990s – without a single failure. You can put your trust in our extensive experience and let us help you turn challenges into new opportunities

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Use our expertise

When you need technology expertise for renewable energy solutions, Trelleborg can help you out. The combination of vast experience, technical innovation and market insights allows us to identify what is needed for you to stay on top of current and future demands and deliver high-performance solutions
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Find your solution

Use our breadth of knowledge and our whole range of products to further your ideas. Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or a customized solution, we will guide you through the entire project. Since we have ownership of the complete process, we can help you every step of the way. 
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Rely on our product quality

Quality is at the heart of our business, bringing you reliable products with subsequent reduced need for maintenance. In applications where downtime is extremely costly, you must be able to trust your equipment and get it to the site on time. Trelleborg will deliver. 

Wind Energy

Onshore and offshore turbines and foundations.

Solar & Hydro Power

Solar, wave and tidal.

Power Generation & Electrical

Propulsion technology, electrical and electronic equipment.

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