Issues in the Oil and Gas industry

Tackling the most important issues in the Oil & Gas industry

Exploring new oil fields and tapping into new sources of natural gas means operating in increasingly harsh conditions, Trelleborg’s engineered solutions help overcome this by enhancing equipment durability, safety and compatibility. Explore the resources below to discover more about the issues facing the oil & gas industry.


Navigating the complex regulatory standards across multiple jurisdictions is challenging.


How minimizing maintenance through improved equipment durability benefits safety.

Lowering the bill for platform installation

New technology for installing production platforms reduces costs.


Compatibility throughout the supply chain reduces installation inefficiencies and operational downtime.

Docking, Mooring and Transfer for LNG

Performance People to support your business performance

When installing or upgrading docking, mooring and transfer technology for LNG applications, you need to connect with a partner that provides much more than technically superior products and technologies.

Businesses to accelerate your performance

Trelleborg has multiple business units and product areas providing engineered solutions to the oil & gas industry.

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