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Exploring oil and gas fields and tapping into more challenging sources means operating in increasingly harsh conditions. Trelleborg’s engineered solutions enhance equipment durability, safety and compatibility.

Trelleborg’s solutions for the oil and gas industry are developed using innovative, high-performance materials and products to seal, damp and protect in even the toughest of conditions. 

Topside & Maintenance and Modification Offshore (MMO)

Protection, systems and technology from ocean to rig.

Oil & Gas Transfer

Solutions for transfer of crude oil and liquefied natural gas offshore and in terminals.


Buoyancy and protection for vessels, port facilities and in open sea.


Buoyancy, clamping and protection under water.

Drilling & Downhole

Buoyancy and protection for drilling, drilling vessels and downhole activities.


Surveying, control and handling of underground rock formations

Refining Production

Oil & gas technology in and out of refineries. 

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