Ventilation System Gaskets

Ventilation seals to push your eco profile 

Trelleborg Sealing Profiles has a proven track record ensuring easy to fit reliable solutions for ventilation systems. Providing application expertise that ensures a long service life for your investment. Keeping emissions of particles low and reducing the disturbance of noise and vibration with outstanding sealing and damping profiles. Faced with raising environmental demands we will be part of your quality work, helping you to provide a leak free system.

Duct seals

Our insights on ventilation systems tell us that the systems are different but the requirements are basically the same. We have worked on solutions for automated assembly as well as manual fittings being carried out on site. Getting the right material in the right place, finding the properties best suited for your system, is what we do.

Profiles for unit components

Handling the noise and vibration disturbances in the ventilation system might be a small but pressing case. The rising awareness of environmental aspects in our lives is making the question of noise management more and more important. Benefit from our expertis on how to seal, damp and protect.

Damper gaskets

Getting an airtight closure with low closing resistance are key factors in an efficient system. The right level of air-tightness will keep the emissions in line with regulations and the smooth closing will lessen the wear of the engine or even allow a smaller engine for the system.

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Material Neutral

Providing you with the material that will perform at it's best in your application.


Our certificates tell you that we work continously with improving our impact on the enviroment.


Reliable deliveries is a key factor to your success. We ensure that you will get what need, when you need it.

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