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Trelleborg Sealing Profiles is an innovative forerunner for sealing profiles in solar energy applications. We can provide application expertise that will ensure a long service life of the sealing components, facing demanding conditions. Your customer's expectations on their investment is part of our thinking from drawing to maintenance. We are proud to be part of making service easy.

Solutions to support installers and manufacturers of solar panels

Sealing profiles in a solar panel system serve several purposes. One is to keep the glass in position avoiding leakage of fluids or letting rain in. Blocking absorption of dust and particles are other factors that severly affects the service life of the application. The design aspect also inlcude the architectural impression and with us your are in safe hands.

Are you a manufacturer or an installer?

You should take the opportunity to having someone looking into the possible improvements you did not even knew about. If you are an installer it could be a supportive spacer that makes your on site fitting process more efficient. Or as a manufacturer, a material shift to extend the capacity range of your product. Get in touch to uncover your hidden potential.

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We are proud to have been part of the testing, setting standards for how to seal the frames in solar panels. Finding the right technology in combination with the right material properties, fine tuning tolerances and surface treatment to achieve the right performance is a process that benefits from our proven ability to create solutions. High quality and reliability goes without saying.

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