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Extruded profile solutions

Solutions tailored for doors and windows that make you stay ahead of competition. Along the customized solutions we offer an assortment of standard profiles which makes your ordering process fast and flexible. A partial list of our capabilities includes sealing and glazing strips, combining solid mounts with a soft and flexible sealing part, enabling automatic insertion or machine mounting, unique air and water tightness, heat insulation and noise reduction.

Solutions for wooden frames and hybrids with wood/aluminum

Trelleborg offers leading-edge expertise in polymer technology combined with advanced industrial know-how regarding functional solutions and systems meeting the building regulations.

Solutions for aluminum frames

It is not enough for a sealing profile to stay watertight, it must also be capable of withstanding frost, snow, heat and high winds without physical or chemical changes that could shorten its intended service life. One key factor of the sealing profile is the ability to insulate. The low density of our cellular rubber will improve the insulation capacity by 10%.

Solutions for steel frames

Steel doors are often found in buildings with high demand on safety e.g. hospitals and schools. The building regulations for public buildings calls for higher requirements, our design enigeers will guide you to a safe solution.

Solutions for PVC frames

We are continuously improving the performance of our products. Our efforts in product development have made vital contributions in this area. Lifetime, resistance to temperature and ultraviolet radiation, sealing ability, elasticity and adhesion are some of the more critical properties that we continuously are improving.

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Trelleborg extruded profiles for doors