Trelleborg 170 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal, Non-integrated Sealing Systems for Sewer and Stormwater Manholes, self-lubricant

System description

The unique design and installation-friendly features of our self-lube gaskets translates to less installation time and lower cost.

Forsheda 170. Trelleborg


  • Hinged closure for resisting gasket roll 

  • Reduced insertion force 

  • Specially formulated internal lubrication 

  • Available for pipe & manhole offset joints 

  • Conforms with ASTM C1619 Standard Specification for elastomeric seals
Forsheda 170. Trelleborg


  • Contractor-friendly installation
- Installs on pipe spigot easily
- No external lube required
- Less chance of joint contamination
- Tube positioning helps center pipe
- Less insertion force required
- Faster installation equals labor savings
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM C1619 and ASTM C443
  • Made with EPDM rubber for high durability and UV Resistance
  • Manufactured in Milford, NH USA


Data sheet

Trelleborg 170 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal  

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