Hydrokor® Coring Machines, Manhole drilling equipments and ancillary

Hydrokor® Family of In-Plant Core Drilling Machines 

Hydrokor III. Trelleborg

Hydrokor® III 

The Hydrokor® III is made for the large volume producer who needs to quickly and efficiently core drill several different hole sizes.

It is the fastest, most versatile, highest volume core drilling machine available. With up to 8 drill bits mounted on its rotating turret, a heavy-duty hydraulic power unit, and a four-speed transmission, the Hydrokor® III quickly cores manhole after manhole, day in and day out.

The optional Digital Package makes the Hydrokor® III even more efficient. Featuring digital elevation and turntable displays for quick, accurate positioning, and a control that allows the user to easily set an auto-retract position.

Hydrokor V. Trelleborg

Hydrokor® V

Trelleborg's engineers have further advanced the Hydrokor® V’s rugged, reliable design through improved torsional and bending stiffness in the main frame and by adding mass in the coring platform. The result is greatly reduced vibration and improved coring efficiency.

Another design goal of the Hydrokor® V was to utilize as much proven “off-the-shelf” technology as possible to reduce maintenance cost and speed repair times. Everything from the standard hydraulic valves to the bearings can be sourced through suppliers local to customer locations. This minimized the number of parts needed by customers and holds down the cost of spare parts by using high volume industrial components.

The modular design allows the machine to be set up for left or right hand operation, adding a second turntable for higher throughput, and upgrading from a two-speed to four-speed operation for larger hole sizes.
Hydrokor VI. Trelleborg

Hydrokor® VI

The Hydrokor® VI provides the highest reliability and performance for a long life span. With a 90 inch turntable and ability to core up to a 32 inch hole, this machine will provide a high value to your assets and many years of return on your investment.

For a more powerful 20 hp power unit, time saving auto feed and retract features, and a digital display of turntable position, you can purchase the Hydrokor® VI with the upgrade option package.

Whichever Hydrokor® machine you choose you can count on getting the best quality, reliability and customer service.



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