Diamond Core Drills, Manhole drilling equipments and ancillary

Coring Machine Type Pipe/Manhole Core Drill 
Core Drill Coupling
Diameter Range Inches (millimeters)
Recrown Service Available

 Portable - Vertakor® 1200 Series

 Concrete Ductile Iron Clay  Diamond  C-Flange 2" Pilot - 3 bolt   2 to 20 (51-508)  Yes
 In-Plant - Hydrokor Series
 Concrete  Diamond  A-Flange 5" Pilot - 4 bolt 
 2 to 62 (51-1575)
Diamond Tipped Core Drills. Trelleborg

Recrown Services

Diamond core drill recrown services are available. To be recrowned, the core drill barrel must be in reusable condition. Services include:

  • Initial inspection
  • Barrel reconditioning
  • New segment installation
  • Repainting
  • Quality control inspection
  • Prepaid overland return freight.
  • A recrowned core drill is 30% less than the cost of a new new
  • diamond core drill
Quick Change Close. Trelleborg

Quick Change Adapter

Quick-Change Adapters are available for our A-Flange core drills. They greatly reduce core drill change time and are designed to fit NPC Hydrokor coring machines.


More detailed information

Diamond Tipped Core Drills Datasheet


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