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Jürgen Alexander - Trelleborg
Jürgen Alexander joins Pipe Repair team
Trelleborg’s seals and profiles operation has appointed Jürgen Alexander as head of Pipe Repair EMEA within its pipe seals business, a leading supplier of trenchless pipe rehabilitation...
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China needs future-proof solutions for water loss - Trelleborg
Why China needs futureproof solutions for water loss
China’s drinking water loss is 20 percent due to breaks and leaks in the urban areas’ outdated water networks, primarily made up of ductile iron systems. However, there is a more sustainable pipin...
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Trelleborg - WWETT 2020
Trelleborg to Showcase No-Dig Pipe Repair Solutions at WWETT 2020
Trelleborg’s seals & profiles operation announces its attendance at the 2020 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) trade show in Indianapolis, USA, in Febru...
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China International Plastic Pipe Conference in Guangzhou - Trelleborg - Julian West
Trelleborg Presents at China International Plastic Pipe Conference in Guangzhou
The International Plastic Pipes Conference takes place in Guangzhou on 18-19 November. At this leading international conference’s 6th installment for China, Trelleborg will be presenting a r...
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Trelleborg, Not shook up
Not Shook up
When the Kobe earthquake hit Japan in 1995, it claimed more than 6,000 lives, and the devastation to infrastructure including underground pipelines was widespread. But while most conventional conn...
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Welcome new appointments
Trelleborg Assumes Full Ownership of North American Plastic Pipes Joint Venture
On February 5, 2019, Trelleborg, through its Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area, assumed full ownership of the joint venture with Max Seal. This includes a manufacturing facility based ...
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Elastocon PR - Trelleborg
Trelleborg Compounds for Pipes Seals Proven to Offer Eight Times the Service Life of Competitor Systems
A leading independent ‘stress relaxation’ test has determined that the average performance lifetime of some of Trelleborg’s key pipe sealing compounds is in excess of 800 years. ...
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Pipe Seal Service Life. Trelleborg. Stress Relaxation
Estimate and Optimize Pipe Seal Service Life through Correct Testing
Water shortages caused by an increasing number of droughts, are putting a strain on water networks across the globe. From hosepipe bans in the UK, to Day Zero in South Africa – when water is expe...
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Storm on the horizon. Trelleborg. Pipe Seals, concrete and plastic pipes
Storm on the horizon
Sewage overflow is a problem for today, not tomorrow Deteriorating wastewater pipes are a leading cause of sewage overflows. And with extreme weather putting added pressure on networks, the ti...
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IKT, Short liner system, Trelleborg
The best silicate-resin based short liner system on the market
After testing, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has been rated “Very Good” by Germany’s Institute for Underground Infrastructure (IKT) for its sectional pipe repair system...
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Trade Shows and Events

No Dig 2019 - Trelleborg - Mark Yanzo - Ryan klachko

No-Dig Show

           17-21 March, 2019,           Chicago, USA

Trelleborg, WWETT 2019

WWETT 2019

20-23 February 2019, Indianapolis, USA

Carrefour de l

Carrefour des Gestions Locales de L’eau

     30-31 January, Rennes, France

Pollutec 2018, Trelleborg, Jean Jacques Merour, Laurent Lefevre

Pollutec 2018

            27-30 November 2018,             Lyon, France