FloatOver Technology - Topside - Trelleborg Offshore

Odin Float Over

Our comprehensive polymer solutions for the float over installation process are utilized for energy absorption, vibration reduction and movement tolerance.  The critical nature of a float over process demands only the highest performing solutions, and we spare no expense in pinpoint engineering and stringently testing our technology.

Odin DSU (Deck Support Unit)
  • Supports topside placed on an integrated deck frame
  • Allows horizontal movement between deck support frame and deck
  • Mitigates adverse weather and sea conditions during transport
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Odin LMU (Leg Mating Units)
  • Capable of absorbing immense topside loads
  • More efficient than conventional platform installation methods
  • Reliable even in adverse weather conditions
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Odin SSF (Sway & Surge Fenders)
  • Protect substructure and transport barge during floatover operation
  • Efficiently and safely absorb impact loads
  • Mitigates forward and sideways movement during the mating phase
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