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Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure has a proven track record in the development of specialist systems for the marine industry worldwide.  We have supplied Ship-Shore Link (SSL) systems since 1996 and we are the leading supplier throughout the world, having received contracts for over 500 systems.  Our extensive knowledge and experience gained as a result of this supply record have led to our SMART SSL system that is the most advanced on the market.

Trelleborg SMART Ship-Shore Link (SSL) system is just one of a range of systems that can be supplied as a stand-alone system for existing tonnage or for integration with other key safety and monitoring systems. The SMART system provides a significant improvement over previous operator interfaces and simplifies control and set-up.

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Simple electronic reconfiguration to match respective terminal



Fibre optic, electric and pneumatic are totally independent to conform fully with ISO 28460



Compatible with existing ship and shore systems



Digital capability communicates high speed voice, data or video



Enhanced diagnostics capability 



Colour display with touchscreen user interface



Compatible with future small scale Universal Safety Link installations (via digital system upgrade and fibre optic adaptor)



Future-proofing to allow interfaces to external systems e.g. DCS




⮚ LNG Carriers
⮚ LNG Terminals
⮚ Floating Storage & Regasification Units (FSRUs)
⮚ Floating Storage Units (FSUs)
⮚ LPG Condensate Terminals

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