SafePilot CAT ROT XT - Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure

SafePilot CAT ROT XT - Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure


The CAT XT combines the ROT of CAT ROT with the dGPS precision of CAT I in one unit. The unit is intended for use in sets of two interchangeable units of which one is connected to the AIS pilot plug and the other is placed on the bridge wing as dGPS receiver. When connected to the AIS pilot plug the unit allows for charging of the internal battery and the dGPS function is disconnected making the unit work purely as a ROT sensor. When the unit on the bridge wing is running low on battery the two units are swapped for charging. This makes the CAT XT ideal for use on long transit pilotage operations.

The CAT XT represents the latest state-of-art that combines the CAT ROT rate sensor and CAT I GNSS receiver into one unit.

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Rate sensor


Navigation processor


Intelligent filtering


Protection rating IP65 (IP67 option available)


Decimal degree on heading, 0.1 deg


Reliable, real time ROT, <0.5 deg/min


Speed accuracy 1 cm/sec (RMS)


Position accuracy <0.7m (RMS) w. SBAS or from ship’s instrument


AIS targets


Reduced weight (420g)


Pocket size (138 x 100 x 25 mm)


Low power consumption


USB charge


Charge during operation


Completely swappable between 2 XT units (indoor/outdoor)


Extended battery capacity 14 hours (GPS mode) or 18 hours (AIS mode)


Autopolarity conversion (APC)


Access point functionality (Infrastructure W LAN)


WIFI connection to pilot tablet/notebook, 250m line of sight




Options and Accessories

Several accessories for the SafePilot PPU's are available.

CAT ROT XT cable + adopter kit
Magnet set


Developed specifically for use during long transit pilotage operations

⮚ Long transit pilotage
⮚ Harbor docking
⮚ Lock operations
⮚ River pilotage

Applications and Markets


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