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Trelleborg's SafePilot CAT MAX solution is developed for applications requiring the highest positioning accuracy, for instance, piloting in confined waters, offshore operations, and so on.

It is a dual antenna solution consisting of heading and positioning units. The system is completely independent and does not rely on the ship's instrumentation.

The CAT MAX units communicate with each other and the pilot's display via Wi-FI, ensuring a stable and long range connection.

The built-in three-axis motion sensor offers precise and independent rate of turn, roll, and pitch, allowing for very accurate predictions when doing turns and navigating in confined waters.

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Integrated all-in-one unit ensuring exceptional reliability


Minimal set-up time


Extreme heading precision 0.01 deg


Low weight <1.2 kg


Kalman filtering in the unit eliminates errors caused by WIFI package transfer


Heave, pitch and roll monitoring and logging 


Automatic base line calculation


Flexible software choice, but we deliver dedicated pilot software for multiple platforms, including the iPad


Large range of options for data integration


Wireless Charging


GPS/GLONASS, optionally BeiDou, Galileo



For ultra-high precision (~1-3cm), relative 3D positioning and docking maneuvers

⮚ Docking in confined waters
⮚ Offshore operations
⮚ Specialized ships
⮚ Tankers
⮚ Chemical carriers
⮚ FPSO/FSO/FLNG/FSRUs and approaching tankers/carriers

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