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Arch Fenders


Trelleborg's Arch Fenders are simple and rugged marine fender systems, providing reliable and trouble-free service for a wide variety of berths even under the most severe conditions. The SAN-fender is a traditional rubber-faced unit whilst the SANP-fender can be fitted with either UHMW-PE face pads or connected to a steel panel. 

Corner Arch fenders are available in three standard sizes and provide a simple, easily installed solution to prevent berth corners from damage by smaller vessels.

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Simple one-piece design


Strong and hard wearing


Excellent shear performance


Wide range of standard sizes



⮚ RoRo berths
⮚ General cargo
⮚ Workboat harbours
⮚ Barge and tug berths

Applications and Markets

PIANC Fender Design Guidelines Update

PIANC Guidelines
Discover how a new PIANC WG (MarCom Working Group 211) marks a significant step towards industry-wide fender best practice.

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