Trelleborg supports shiploader and berth replacement project


Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure provides passive Grout Seals, inflatable Grout Packers, mud diaphragms, Quick Release Hooks (QRHs), Remote Release System and Mooring Load Monitoring System, for the Shiploader and Berth Replacement (SABR) Project at Hay Point Coal Terminal, located south of Mackay in Queensland, Australia. Trelleborg’s sealing systems and docking and mooring equipment are part of a refurbishment project that includes the disassembly and replacement of one of the existing Berths and Shiploader.


The upgrade of the Hay Point Coal Terminal is set to enhance the operational safety and efficiency of it’s Berth 2A, to withstand future cyclonic weather events and ensure the long term sustainability of the operation.


Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure, commented: We are delighted to have been selected to play an important part in the upgrade of the Hay Point Coal Terminal. This contract award is a major achievement and yet another landmark project to add to our ever-growing track record, further strengthening our commitment to facilitate a safer and more efficient future for industries across the globe.”


Gerard Kunde, Fabrication Manager at McConnell Dowell, commented: “With its proven track record in delivering high profile projects, Trelleborg proved to be the ideal partner for us, exceeding our expectations even at the height of the pandemic.”


Trelleborg’s passive Grout Seals and inflatable Grout Packers support grout curing by creating a strong bond between the pile and the steel jacket structures, to minimize the impact on the biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef. The jacket structures are installed at each end of the existing berth to extend shiploader travel by more than 40 meters.


Grout Seals ensure that virtually no leakage can occur during grouting, to provide a reliable bond between the pile and the jacket leg or skirt sleeves. The grout seal helps to keep the grouting process free from contaminants, thereby reinforcing the integrity of the substructure. Trelleborg’s Grout Packers are made from reinforced rubber and subjected to strict quality controlled pressure testing and weld inspection. Trelleborg uses Finite Element Analyses (FEA) to verify rubber seal deformation at maximum holding pressure.


QRHs are the foundation for today’s modern mooring systems. Installed since 1972 at facilities worldwide, Trelleborg's QRHs enable mooring lines to be safely secured, and quickly and easily released even when loaded to their safe working load limit. QRH’s enhance safety, reliability, ease of use and ensure compliance to international standards.


Trelleborg’s Remote Release System allows QRHs to be released from no load, up to the safe working load, using either a manual release lever, or an electric remote release system that allows the operator to safely release mooring lines from a distance. To enhance the safety of Berth 2A’s mooring operations, extra-long cables will enable mooring equipment operators to utilize the QRHs safely behind cages in case of snap-back.  


Trelleborg's Load Monitoring System contributes to industry best practices for safe mooring with real-time mooring line tension readings, alarm warnings and can be installed on new units or retrofitted to existing units in onshore and offshore applications.