Trelleborg launches whitepaper on optimizing fender performance with a whole system approach

Big ship docked with Trelleborg fenders

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has launched a new whitepaper, titled ‘A Whole System Approach to Fender Performance’, detailing how taking a whole system approach to fender systems – from engineering and design, to manufacturing and maintenance – ensures high-quality fender systems installed optimize vessel throughput and port operations efficiently and safely over the long-term.


‘A Whole System Approach to Fender Performance’ outlines the four key elements and the role each plays in producing best-practice fender systems that safeguard berths, vessels and port operations. This includes:

• Application Engineering

• Detailed Fender System Design

• Fender Systems Production & Quality Control

• Installation, Operations and Maintenance


Mishra Kumar, Business Unit Director – Research and Development of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, says: “With challenges from larger vessels, tougher environmental regulations and a surge in cargo volume, it’s time to upgrade and future-proof your port’s infrastructure. Taking a whole system approach to fender systems – one that comprises application engineering, detailed fender system design, fender production, sustainability and quality control, and installation, operations and maintenance - will reduce construction costs, downtime and operating expenditure.


“This is in addition to contributing to more efficient berthing operations by improving turnaround times and therefore reducing vessel CO2 emissions, while improving overall operational efficiencies and reducing operational safety risks. In short, a fender system that lasts longer and offers enhanced reliability − and that requires less maintenance − is both a better investment and better for the environment.”


To download Trelleborg’s ’A Whole System Approach to Fender Performance‘ whitepaper, please visit: