Trelleborg launches enhanced Fender Online Tools with on-the-go and multilingual functionality

Fender Online Tools

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has launched important new features on its fender online tools, to significantly ease and improve operability and widen usability across the globe.


Now available in iOS and Android apps stores, the online tools, which enable simplified fender selection, can be used on handheld devices including smartphones, iPads and tablets. In addition to English, they now have Spanish and Russian language functionality and, in addition, users can save projects to edit at a later date.


Mishra Kumar, Director of R&D at Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, said: “The update to our fender online tools is testament to our commitment to the customer-centric development of our products and services. Our fender online tools are extremely valuable for port owners to ensure that their fender selection meets required berthing energy specifications when in situ.


“We believe that these latest enhancements will optimize the effectiveness of the tools and make them more practical for those that can benefit from them most. The ability to save projects as a draft and then revisit is a significant addition, which will support mobile and tablet users in engaging with the application remotely. With the launch of the new tools, we are reducing hours of manual fender selection calculations to just a few clicks.


“Trelleborg’s fender online tools provide users with a number of fender system options, which are suitable for varying applications and project requirements. The user can select the most suitable fender by applying filters to arrive at the most appropriate solution. A subsequent summary document is then produced. Further optimization of the fender system with respect to cost and performance can be done in consultation with Trelleborg’s experienced engineers globally.


“The easy-to-use fender specification generator tool helps consultants to create a comprehensive, ready-to-use specification for the selected fender system, including testing and inspection plans for each and every component. Customized specifications for pneumatic and foam fenders can also be produced by adding relevant parameters under the fender specification generator tool.”


Trelleborg’s fender online tools have been developed in accordance with PIANC guidelines and British Standards, as well as American (ASTM) standard, to ensure best-in-class, compliant solutions. For more information about the online tools and to discover the enhanced features, visit: