Policy for Stock Market Information

Policy for Stock Market Information

The basis for Trelleborg’s stock market information is that all parties shall be guaranteed rapid, simultaneous, accurate, relevant and reliable information. Trelleborg’s information concerning its financial position and financial development shall at least meet the minimum demands placed on companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Trelleborg provides information that can affect its share price by distributing press releases. This shall occur as soon as possible after a decision has been made, an election has taken place or an event has come to the attention of the company, in accordance with the regulations of the Stock Exchange.

Period of silence
In conjunction with the financial reports, Trelleborg observes a ”period of silence”, from the end of the report period (interim, year-end) until the results for the period have been published. This means that during the period, Trelleborg is not to discuss or make any comments regarding the financial results.

Information leaks 
In the event of suspicion or indication of information leaks, it is determined in consultation with the Stockholm Stock Exchange whether the information leak could affect the share price. Subsequently, appropriate measures are decided, for example to suspend share trading.

Rumor spreading 
Trelleborg’s policy is not to comment on speculations or rumors, unless otherwise stipulated by stock exchange regulations.