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Trelleborg launches a survey to find out inhibitors to innovation
Innovation is often credited with evolving industries, product differentiation, attracting key talent and critically, improving the bottom line. However, what happens when internal innovation stag...
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Trelleborg launches new whitepaper and app
Trelleborg’s engineered fabrics operation has launched a new portfolio of resources, to aid engineers in their product innovation and raise the profile of high performance engineered fabrics...
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air cushion
Air Cushion
Trelleborg’s Coated Systems business - Trelleborg Engineered Fabrics - has been awarded a contract to supply an engineered fabric, for use in Solving’s air bearings. This virtually eliminates malf...
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air bed mattress
Trelleborg quality still airtight after all those years
An airbed manufactured by Trelleborg more than 50 years ago, was recently found in a basement in Sweden, still in its original packaging. Trelleborg’s company historian, Carl Aspegren, picked it u...
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escape slide
Escape slide
Over the last 50-plus years, the technology used within the production of aeroplanes has become much more sophisticated and innovative as a result of stricter legislation, which has been refined o...
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Leading producer of specialty polymer-coated and calendered materials, Trelleborg, will showcase a selection of its specialist range of solutions at the international trade fair for technical text...
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Trelleborg completes acquisition of American Reeves Brothers Inc.
Trelleborg´s acquisition of Reeves Brothers Inc.has now been completed and Trelleborg thus becomes global leader in polymer-coated high-precision material. Reeves, with about 1,000 employees...
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Manufacturers view on partnership
In a recent survey conducted by Trelleborg’s engineered fabrics operation, 50% of manufacturers say they have been negatively affected by the economic downturn in their industry. As such, 44...
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