Your role - Quality Manager -

Tested for the extremes

We are the leading manufacturer of quality boots for the world's leading carmakers and tier 1 suppliers. To reach that position we adhere to the most rigid standards in accordance with your expectations of quality, delivery and cost.

Trelleborg test rigISO/TS certified
As an ISO/TS certified company you are assured of working with a supplier that has the adequate management system processes - turned towards continuous improvement. 

Low PPM level
We use exhaustive in-house testing methods designed to meet your exact demands. Our technicians test both bench and out of bench, documenting results in your local language and to your specifications. Our process team continously implement poka yoke through along our process to reach a worldwide PPM levels are as low a 5 PPM, and we are working hard to reduce them to zero.

Trelleborg Boots academy provides worldwide training session to our operations and spray best practices with an efficient culture of standardisation and Manufacturing Excellence.

Customer awards
We are proud to receive awards from our customers for quality and delivery precision. 

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