Rubber Lining and Coating

Rubber Lining and Coating

Rubber linings are used in piping systems and tanks, used for the storage and transport of acids and alkalis but also in salt water cooling systems, desulphurization, pump housings, and agitators.

Whatever application you need the lining for; whether there is a need for damping of sound and vibration, or protection against mechanical wear, corrosion or fire, we have the solution and expertise to help.

Trelleborg has been the partner of choice for turnkey lining of cooling water systems in different power plants including coal, gas and nuclear plants.

Rubber linings are available in various types of natural rubber and synthetic rubbers and are available for various applications.


material that does not crack due to vibration or mechanical wear


High quality and long lifetime, the material is more or less maintenance-free.

Chemical resistant

We supply rubber that is resistant to most chemicals.

Custom design

Our engineers and designers will find the right solution for your needs

Key Applications

Steel structures


Rollers and Wheels

Production Applications

Lining of Cooling Water Systems

Product Sheet
Industriell belegging med gummi til alle formål

Rubber Lining

Product Sheet
Industriell belegging

Rubber Lining

Chemical Resistance

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