Supporting the transport industry of the future

september 2018
At Trelleborg we understand the importance of supporting future engineers, and with that in mind we recently helped a team of students at the University of Edinburgh, who were taking part in the prestigious Hyperloop pod competition.

The Hyperloop pod competition involved both student and non-student teams participating to design, (and for some) build, a subscale prototype transport vehicle - to demonstrate technical feasibility of various aspects associated to the Hyperloop concept

The team took part 5,000 miles away from home in Los Angeles, with both mechanical and software teams working together for the common goal.

Kerry Lyons, Trelleborg Applied Technologies

Kerry Lyons

Sales Manager
To support the challenge Trelleborg supplied our EP678 tooling board, which is a medium temperature, low density syntactic epoxy tooling board designed for the manufacture of accurate and stable master models and molds.

18 teams competed in the event, with tests including a mechanical fit check, as well as structural, battery, electrical and overall safety checks.

The team finished 6th in the final standings and the knowledge and skills obtained during the challenge will be invaluable during their future careers.

If you would like more information on the event, or want more information about our range of tooling boards you can email