Trelleborg Applied Technologies - Toledo

We are a small research facility working in automotive, aerospace, buoyancy and military on research and development programs.

Core products we manufacture

We are a world leader in small hollow shell manufacturing (various materials such as metal, glass, or ceramics, including silicon carbine). Application; Structural, Buoyancy, Armor, Aerospace, and Thermal.

For over 20 years, our End of Line (EOL) Test System for the automotive industry provides the final check that gives you peace of mind that quality and production targets are being met. Our EOL test systems go beyond simple electric continuity checks. We support functional tests, electromechanical tests, presences or absences tests, and color checks.

 Trelleborg developed VectorVGA to convert a Stroke signal to a Raster signal which is a reliable method to replace the older CRTs, with modern displays.

Vision inspection Quality

End of Line Test System

Trelleborg Applied Technologies - VectorVGA


Toledo, US

Address: 4750 W. Bancroft St. Toledo, OH 43551, US
Phone: (419) 536-5741

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