Trelleborg Applied Technologies - Australia

Established since 2001, Brisbane has proven experience providing expertise in accelerating our customers performance. Our main focus is in products servicing the Infrastructure sector specializing in design, testing, project management and delivery to ensure tailored solutions for our customers based on their needs.

Providing solutions using Trelleborg Applied Technologies products

Applied Technologies - Rail and Mass Transit

Embedded Rail Systems

Applied Technologies - Rubber Solutions - Elastomeric Bearings


Damlukepakninger i alle slags utforminger

Gaskets & Seals

Polyurethane Components

Polyurethane Elastomer Solutions

Supporting our customers by offering packaged solutions using products from other Trelleborg businesses.

Industry rail & mass transit

Antivibration Solutions

TEPA Orkot Meta 1024x575

Orkot® Hydro Bearings

Fuel and Water Storage System

Fuel Storage Containers

Core industries served

  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Structural movement and Acoustic solutions 
  • Mass transit rail, industrial components for manufacturing 
  • Bespoke rubber solutions, water stops, offshore structures 
  • Defense

Narangba, Australia

Address: 17 Business Drive, Narangba, Qld, Australia
Phone: +61 3866 7444

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