Sustainability performance 2019

Trelleborg and sustainability

Trelleborg takes responsibility for a sustainable future in several ways. Our innovative polymer solutions help protect people, the environment, infrastructure and assets. And we have four areas in focus for our corporate responsibility: Resources, Compliance, Diversity and Social Engagement. Learn more about how we protect what matters in the video.

From the Annual Report 2019, interview with the CEO Peter Nilsson:

"We continue to have high ambitions in the area of sustainability…Having our customers use the right products, be it seals, tires or tunnel seals, is perhaps where we can impact the world’s sustainability most. At the same time, we obviously assume responsibility for our own operations in terms of impact on people, the environment and the surrounding communities."

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Safe and efficient use of resources 2019

Health and safety

Focus and target: Occupational injuries and illnesses with at least one day’s absence is defined as Lost Work Cases (LWC) per 100 full-time employees per year.

In addition, the number of working days lost due to occupational injuries and illnesses is measured.

Outcome: In 2019, the average was 2.0 LWCs (2.2) per 100 employees. The average number of days lost per injury was 28.3 (28.7)


Focus and target: The “20 by 20” target aims to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by at least 20 percent relative to sales by 2020 (compared with base year 2015 and the value of 16.0 metric tons/SEK M).

Outcome: In 2019, the value was 11.7 tons per SEK M, which corresponds to a 27 percent decrease compared with the base year. 

Compliance with laws and codes 2019

Anti-corruption and human rights

Focus and target: Zero tolerance applies to bribery, corruption, cartel and other criminal behavior, child and forced labor, and discrimination (reported and reviewed). 

Outcome: 0 cases (0) of significant breaches of laws and permits that resulted in legal consequences or fines were reported in 2019. Furthermore, 0 cases (0) of child labor or forced labor were reported. Of 11 reported cases of discrimination (7), a settlement was reached between the parties or other measures were taken in 6 (4), while 5 cases (3) are still being processed. During the year, 17 matters (18) were dealt with that originated from the whistleblower system. In some cases, reviews were carried out, which identified non-compliances with the Group’s Code of Conduct, and relevant measures were taken in these cases.


Focus and target:The goal is to only work with suppliers who adhere to Trelleborg’s Code of Conduct.

Self-assessment is to be completed with suppliers corresponding to at least 80 percent of the reported relevant purchasing value in the production units.

Outcome: Trelleborg met the defined target level in 2019. Suppliers corresponding to 86.4 percent (85.5) of the reported relevant purchasing spend were reviewed.

Diversity and inclusion 2019

Age, gender and ethnicity

Focus and target: The company is endeavoring to achieve a balanced age, gender and ethnicity distribution for the type of operation conducted. Enhanced diversity and inclusion has the potential to further drive Trelleborg’s performance and results, both at team level and individually. 

Outcome: The share of women for the organization as a whole is 25 percent (25). The share of women in Group management is 10 percent (10), and on the Board 38 percent (38). Diversity and inclusion are generally seen as important elements in situations such as recruitment, training, evaluation, pay structures and succession planning. Trelleborg is continuing the work started to identify and establish targets and key figures in the focus area, for continuous follow-up and reporting.

Social Engagement 2019


Focus and target: Trelleborg supports the local community which it operates by participating in a variety of social activities, and at selected locations by providing support for educational activities for young people. These operations are to be continuously developed by adding new programs.

Outcome: In most of the places where Trelleborg operates, the company has partnerships with, for example, schools and universities. With regard to sports sponsorship, youth and social activities are prioritized, while the company is also involved in a number of special programs that support child and youth development in such countries as Sri Lanka, India and Sweden. A new youth program was started in China in 2019.

Trelleborg protects what matters

Trelleborg’s products and solutions improve sustainability for customers and for society in general. They protect what matters, such as the environment, people, infrastructure and other assets. They save energy, cut emissions and protect the soil. They contribute to good health. They reduce noise and vibrations, creating a quieter and more comfortable work environment. They extend the service life of community infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels and skyscrapers.

We seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments

Trelleborg’s net sales increased during the year by 8 percent compared with 2018 due to acquisitions finalized and the positive impact from exchange rates. The Group’s EBIT, excluding items affecting comparability, was in line with the preceding year, and was the second best result so far for Trelleborg.

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