Simple changes resulted in a safer work environment

Simple changes resulted in a safer work environment by the TSS team in Tijuana, Mexico

Simple changes resulted in a safer work environment

A forceful hygiene program and new safety routines led to a sharp decline in incidents at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (TSS) in Tijuana, Mexico.

“We reduced lost work days by 89 percent between 2008 and 2009,” says Antonio Font, General Manager at the facility.
When Antonio Font took over management in Tijuana, he identified immediate opportunities to improve physical conditions on the production floor. Cutting injuries have been one of the most common incidents among the 158 employees. In addition, same-level falls caused extended medical leave, as well as health problems.

“Almost all the equipment was leaking oil, it was dirty, cables were lying unorganized on the floor, and safety of the machines was not checked frequently enough,” explains Antonio Font.

Making the facility a safer work environment according to Trelleborg’s Safety@Work program became one of his top priorities. In the first phase, hygiene and orderliness was improved.

“Everyone now stops working before the shift ends to dust, clean up and sweep the floor. We instituted a weekly safety meeting and conduct tours around the facility. Listening to the employees’ own suggestions for improvements is an important part of our safety program,” says TSS Tijuana’s General Manager.

Furthermore, extensive training programs on safety were implemented during 2009. Some 60 percent of the total training hours reported addressed safety-related topics, including lift safety, personal safety, equipment use and fire fighting. In addition, a nurse was hired part-time to teach first aid and how to treat minor injuries.

The results were clear: In 2008, TSS Tijuana reported 14 accidents and 279 lost work days, while only two accidents and 32 lost work days were noted in 2009. 

According to Antonio Font, the investment required was minimal. All the required safety equipment was available. 

“It just needed to be used in the proper manner and some procedures had to be changed. I am proud of and applaud the entire TSS Tijuana Team who embraced safety as our number one priority,” concludes Antonio Font.
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