Food and water for earthquake victims

Food and water for earthquake victims

On April 4th 2010 an earthquake hit near the town of Mexicali, about two hours drive from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Tijuana, Mexico.  Trelleborg employees organized a food drive, to help the earthquake victims.

The city of Mexicali is located east of Tijuana, both towns bordering with the United States; the 7.2 magnitude earthquake was felt strongly in the northern regions of Baja and the United States-Mexico border, and was also felt in western cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles and parts of Arizona. Many houses collapsed, roads buckled and the water supply system collapsed. Some people were staying in temporary camps, because there weren’t enough shelters for all the victims. At the time there were extreme climatic conditions, with temperatures up to 50° C.

- Several communities in Mexicali went without water for a couple of weeks, so more than anything they wanted items that could contain water. So we sent mainly non-perishable food and all sorts of empty containers for people to store water, says Paola Guerrero, HR & EHS Manager at TSS Tijuana.

TSS and their employees worked together with a local chapter of Rotary Club. At TSS Tijuana there is a tradition of promoting and helping the local communities. On different occasions people have also been volunteering and organizing several food and toy drives for local orphanages and elderly homes.

- The Mexicali earthquake happened on a Sunday, and we were fortunate enough to not have any major incidents. All our systems were running ok. The day after we started to organize the help activities and sort of adopted one camp, says Paola Guerrero.

The help activities were carried out during the difficult first months after the earthquake. Today the Mexicali area is more or less back to normal.

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