A change of treatment process will reduce annual CO2 emissions

Mikael Holm, Kalmar

Change of treatment process in Kalmar, Sweden

“This reflects our environmental work and it is a fantastic result of continuous improvement”, says Stefan Lundström, President at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Kalmar, Sweden.

The Kalmar manufacturing facility yearly produces over 5,500,000 m2 rubber and metal composite material, is used to solve noise and vibration problems.
One step in the manufacturing process is vulcanization. Since production line 5 was built in the beginning of the 2000s the vulcanization, fumes from the process were cleaned by using an incinerator. This consumed a lot of energy; during 2013, more than 240,000 kilograms of propane to power the incinerator generated a significant carbon footprint of 600,000 kilograms of CO2.

In September 2014 a test filtration unit was installed. Emissions and odor were measured during the autumn and results were uniformly positive. A full scale filtration unit with particle and carbon filter was therefore installed in February 2015. 

The filtration process offers a more environmentally friendly treatment of fumes and the result is 600,000 kg less green house gases in the air. The incinerator accounted for 25% of the Kalmar unit’s total propane consumption. The calculated pay off for the filtration unit investment is 0.6 year with an annual saving of 2,000,000 SEK.

The change of treatment process is an action in the line of improved Resource Efficiency and active energy work and the result is more environmentally friendly products to our customers.