Sharad Singh

Sharad Singh
At a global company such as Trelleborg there is a lot of interesting stories to tell about our employees around the world. We are all from different countries and cultures but still we have a lot in common and we all have interesting stories to share.
Meet Sharad that grew up in a town called Jamshedpur in East India. The town is also known as Tatanagar which is where TATA setup their first Steel Plant. Like many younger people in India Sharad decided to move after college and ended up in Bangalore. Sharad got the opportunity to join Trelleborg and started employment in 2015. “Trelleborg seemed like a wonderful organization to work for then and I’ve had a great time working here since I joined” – says Sharad.

Sharad, now working as a sales engineer have had a few different roles across India since he joined the company and have also had the privilege to be part of the Trelleborg Graduate Program that was completed in 2019. “The Graduate Program was truly an amazing program and experience that have meant a lot for my development and future career” – says Sharad.

One of Sharad’s great passions in life is music.  “I’ve been very drawn towards Music and Design from an early age, I was probably around 12 when I started noodling at the synthesizer my mother bought for herself” – says Sharad.  

These days most of Sharad’s weekends are filled up with activities related to this and he has been playing music for around 15 years now.  “I never had any real formal training in music so I am self-taught says Sharad smiling”. Sharad continues – “My main interest lies in composing and writing new songs in Hindi and English and I’ve been doing this for a band and for my solo project as well”

Sharad is a member of a band called Xubaan which is a Hindi folk rock band. Last year they released their first album called “Rasta”. “On YouTube you can find both covers and originals from Xubann and our biggest hit have 15M views” – says Sharad. The band members all stay in different cities across India so normally it is difficult to play together on a regular base but like in work life the digital tools available help.  “Thanks to everything being digital these days, we record and send across files to each other which makes writing and composing new songs possible” – says Sharad.

Apart from the Xubaan Band, Sharad also write solo songs in English that he plays and sings himself. The style of music here is a wider variety ranging from Pop, soul, ambient rock to Reggae. “I have a soul-reggae single out on YouTube and I’m putting together a four song EP that I hope to release soon” -says Sharad.