Trelleborg Adds COMFORT Line to its Brawler HPS Range for Telehandlers

Cable protection from wind turbine on the seabed

Protecting floating offshore power cables


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Straight into a curve
Rüdiger Hack, Head of Engineering for Rail Applications with Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, explains how Trelleborg’s axle guiding bush for railroad cars saves energy and money, and also helps stop trains from screeching as they go around bends.
Experts - Engineered Coated Fabrics
The manufacturing of engineered coated fabrics draws on decades of expertise. Listen to John Mouland, Technical Director within Trelleborg Industrial Solutions how he and his team work.
 Sealed for success
Nancy Getz is Product Line Director for Global Operations Engineered Plastics at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in the U.S. She has built a successful career from lab to field, then onto management, and explains how she works with elastomer energized slipper seals. 
Shaping the wheels of the world
Trelleborg’s manufacturing facility in Latvia makes rims used for everything from forklifts and farm equipment to huge harvesting machines for forestry. Site manager Liene Giertmane-Done tells how training and teamwork are the keys to success.

City swifter


Springs, bearings and the revolutionary HALL axle guide are fitted to trains to improve efficiency and performance.


On the tracks, dampers and embedded rail systems reduce noise and vibration.


Coated fabrics help make the sliding doors open and close reliably, but are also used as flexible gangway bellows.

Tunnel seals

Giant segment gaskets are utilized in excavated tunnels to provide a secure rubber-to-rubber water-proof seal.


In buildings that have been constructed above underground railways, bearings dampen the noise and vibration caused by trains.


Passengers waiting for trains are the perfect captive audience for companies promoting their goods and services, often with high quality posters that have been produced on  Trelleborg printing blankets.

Food and beverage

Time-pressed commuters who snack on the move can be confident that hygienic seals used in processing mean their food or drink is safe to consume.



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