Transforming Customer Care

june 2018
Digital transformation is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the world around us. It is exerting deep and extensive influence on many aspects of our daily lives and business operations. Customer expectations are evolving automatically alongside the rapid development of both digital capabilities and channels. The traditional way of customer care being pushed out of fashion. 

To go beyond, we are committed to establishing a new style of customer care. One that enables us to anticipate customer needs and industry desires by providing customized or personalized solutions and experiences. Forwarded thinking companies will be able to achieve a successful transformation will not only be recognized through this differentiator from their competitors but will also ensure sustainable growth and non-substitutable competitive advantages. 

Such transformation can be achieved through smart technology, or technologies that allow sensors, databases, and wireless access to collaboratively sense, adapt, and provide for users within the environment, such as connected sensors, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, big data etc. 

I think we will be able to transform customer care through innovative Smart Technologies that will allow us to deliver proactively rather than reactively to our customer service requests while embracing the future of manufacturing. 

If you would like to discuss out Smart technologies in depth, please contact me.

Sue Bao

Riser Analysis Engineer