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Oil & Marine Hoses

Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses is the leading supplier of innovative and field-proven large-bore flexible bonded hoses for crude oil, chemicals, and LPG/LNG offshore transfer applications. We are a technology and innovation driven company that makes flexible bonded hoses with unrivalled and undisputed performance. Our products are designed and built with cutting edge solutions used in tire and aerospace industry, with high resistance to extreme operating environments and severe fatigue conditions.

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outer cover

Outer Cover

The outer cover of our hoses is made with synthetic rubber. This rubber is specially formulated to be un-sensitive and highly resistant to UV rays from the sunlight, high temperatures like exposure to the flair radiation, seawater and the aggresions like abrasions during the operations. The rubber is made in our factory, his quality and performance insure a perfect protection of the hoses during the many years of service. Protection againt abrasion can be increased with an additional PolyUrethane (PU) layer.
tube vs fluids

Tube vs Fluids

The material selection for the inner liner of a hose is crucial. The typical function of a liner is to be compatible with the conveyed fluid, ensure the lowest possible permeation rate, exhibiting best mechanical properties and compatibility with operating temperature !
Crude oil, LPG, pure sulfuric acid, ammonia, seawater, each application is specific and requires a particular inner liner.
Finally, rubbers compound are not equal, when a compound is selected TRELLEBORG deploys in house expertise in rubber formulation to provide the best suitable compromise ensuring highest levels of quality. 
service support onsite

Service Support Onsite

Can I put this hose back to service ?

This is a frequently asked question raised during maintenance operations.
Did you know that we can despatch installation or field engineers to your site ?
We assist you during new project installation or at any maintance opportunity ensuring high level of service troughout whole service life of our products.

Feel free to contact us: oilandmarinehoses@trelleborg.com

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