Trelleborg comprises five business areas: Trelleborg Coated Systems, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, Trelleborg Offshore & Construction, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Trelleborg Wheel Systems, and the operations of Rubena and Savatech. The Business Areas are divided into Business Units, which in turn comprise a number of Product Areas. 


Please note: the organigram above only describes the way Trelleborg´s operations are organized. It does not reflect the legal organization into various companies and other legal entities. For further information regarding the formal identity of any legal entity within our Group, please refer to the Corporate Communications department.

Group Management

The Group management consists of the President and CEO, CFO, the presidents of the various business areas as well as senior vice presidents of group functions. 

Peter Nilsson

President and CEO Trelleborg
Qualifications: M.Sc.
Board member of Trelleborg AB (publ), Beijer Alma AB (publ), Trioplast Industrier AB, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden.
Previous experience: Business Area President at Trelleborg and positions within the Trelleborg Group, as well as management consultant at BSI.
Holdings 2016: 90,572 shares  250,000 call options*.
Holdings 2015: 90,572 shares.
Born: 1966.
Employed: 1995. In current position since 2005.


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Ulf Berghult

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 
Qualifications: Graduate in business administration
Previous experience: CFO of Dometic Group, Thule Group, Rolls Royce Marine Systems and controller at the Trelleborg Group. 
Holdings 2016: 15,000 shares.   
Holdings 2015: 15,000 shares. 
Born: 1962. 
Employed: 2012. In current position since 2012.


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Dario Porta

Business Area President, Trelleborg Coated Systems
Qualifications: M.Sc Engineering. 
Previous experience: Business Unit President at Trelleborg and President of Reeves. 
Holdings 2016: 1,000 shares.   
Holdings 2015: 1,000 shares. 
Born: 1959. 
Employed: 2006. In current position since 2012. 


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JP Mindermann portrait

Jean-Paul Mindermann

Business Area President, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions
Qualifications: Degree in Business Administration (EBS). 
Previous experience: Business Unit President at Trelleborg and management positions at Watts of Lydney Group and Airboss.
Holdings 2016: - 
Holdings 2015: -
Born: 1965. 
Employed: 2011. In current position since 2017.

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Fredrik Meuller

Business Area President, Trelleborg Offshore & Construction 
Qualifications: M.Sc. in Finance 
Previous experience: VP Strategic Development & Group Projects Trelleborg, Business Unit President at the Trelleborg Group, Various positions at McKinsey & Co. and JP Morgan. 
Holdings 2016: 500 shares.     
Holdings 2015: 500 shares. 
Born: 1970. 
Employed: 2002. In current position since 2012. 


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Claus Barsøe

Business Area President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Qualifications: Graduate in business administration.
Previous experience: Market Director of Alfa Laval, various positions at Busak+Shamban and Polymer Sealing Solutions.
Holdings 2016: 3,500 shares.   
Holdings 2015: 3,500 shares.
Born: 1949. 
Employed: 2003. In current position since 2003.


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Paolo Pompei

Business Area President, Trelleborg Wheel Systems
Qualifications: Graduate in economics, M.Sc. in International trade
Previous experience: Various management positions within Trelleborg Wheel Systems.
Holdings 2016: -
Holdings 2015: -
Born: 1971.
Employed: 1999. In current position since 2017.

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Paolo Astarita

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Qualifications: Graduate in law
Previous experience: Vice President Human Resources Trelleborg Wheel Systems and various positions in HR at Pirelli and Manuli Rubber.
Holdings 2016: 2,440 shares.
Holdings 2015: 2,340 shares. 
Born: 1959
Employed: 2001. In current position since 2015.


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Charlotta Grähs

General Counsel and Secretary
Qualifications: Master of Laws.
Previous experience: Group General Counsel at Dometic Group and Senior Corporate Counsel at Husqvarna Group.
Holdings 2016: - 
Holdings 2015: -
Born: 1971. 
Employed: 2014. In current position since 2014.


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Patrik Romberg

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
Qualifications: MBA and university studies within behavioral science and education.
Previous experience: Various posts within Unilever and Trelleborg Group.
Holdings 2016: 901 shares.
Holdings 2015: 901 shares.
Born: 1966. 
Employed: 2006. In current position since 2011.


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*In February 2016, the principal owner – The Henry Dunker Donation Fund and Foundations – offered the President and CEO 250,000 call options in Trelleborg, with a term of five years. Peter Nilsson purchased these call options at a price of SEK 15.20 per call option. Each call option entitles the holder to purchase one Series B share at a call price of SEK 143.16. The Black and Scholes method has been used in the valuation of call options. The principal owner’s intention in introducing the program was to encourage the President and CEO’s long-term commitment to the company. Trelleborg AB did not participate in the offer and will not have any expenses in connection with the offer.

Business Areas

The Trelleborg Group comprises five business areas.