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Accelerating performance in a wide range of industries

As a world leader in engineered polymer solutions, Trelleborg is able to seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments for customers across all industries. Our innovative solutions are designed to accelerate our customers’ performance in many different ways – from improving functionality, increasing productivity and enabling energy savings to name but a few.  Read more about what our solutions can do for your business.

Printing press

Boost printing press performance 

Trelleborg’s high-performance printing blankets play a significant role in improving printing press productivity. 

Fend off downtime at ports

Unscheduled downtime due to fender damage has a big impact on port productivity. Trelleborg’s marine fenders, designed for specific berthing conditions, reduce downtime by maximizing operational performance and minimizing long-term maintenance. 
Marine savings

Full speed ahead on marine savings

Trelleborg has long been committed to adding sustainable value for customers. Now, with the acquisition of UK-based SeaTechnik and its ship-to-shore communications technology, the company can offer its marine customers further savings by reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 

Tire Performance that Boosts Business

Trelleborg tire solutions are designed to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and emissions, and save on manpower.  Click on the diagram below to find out more.

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Better plowing performance

Working time of 37 min./Ha saves costs on fuel, maintenance and manpower. 

Extra-wide footprint

Low soil compaction preserves ground crop health and boosts yield.

Long-life benefits

A tire lasting 860 hours more than the market average enhances cost efficiency.

Reduce fuel consumption

Using 12 percent less fuel on the road reduces costs and emissions.

Sustainable materials

BlueTire™ technology uses new eco-friendly materials for better sustainability.

The power to make a difference

Superior traction reduces operating costs and emissions.

Trelleborg Load Calculator app

Optimize tire pressure to boost productivity, cut costs and protect the soil