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February 13, 2015
Year-end Report 2014

Acquisitions and Divestments


Acquisitions since 1996

Coated fabrics businesses in North America
Turkish industrial hose company
51-percent stake in pipe seal company
Industrial tire distributor
Cryogenic technology
Niche company within offshore oil & gas
Industrial tire distributor
Operation within docking and mooring solutions
Industrial tires operations
Printing blankets business in Brazil
 High-end industrial hose solution provider
Operations in Brazil within offshore oil/gas
Operations within precision seals for life science
Watts Tyre Group (industrial tires)
PPL Polyurethane Products Ltd. (offshore oil/gas)
Lutz Sales Inc. (distributor of precisions seals and customer specific rubber components)
   Acqusition of assets in CWA Products Ltd (offshore oil and gas)
    Remaining shares in Shanghai Reeves (printing blankets)
Operations of Hydro-Components Research & Development Corporation (precision bearing and sealing devices)
Gummiteknik GTM AB (advanced rubber components)
Epros GmbH and Epros International Ltd. (after-market for pipe systems)


Operations in Hetag Tagmaterialer A/S (distribution of roofing products)
Hunter Diving Ltd (dry diving suits)
Reeves Brothers Inc (polymer-coated, high-precision material)
Mehren Rubber A/S (oil/gas extraction equipment)
Kawneer Rubber and Plastics (polymer sealing products)
UAB Trella (protective suits)
Mar-Con Group (elastomer applications for the electronics and telecom sectors)
Harbour & Marine Engineering Pty Ltd (marine fender systems)
EPG Inc. (extruded profiles and pipe seals)
CRP Group (polymer systems and solutions for offshore oil and gas projects)
Remaining 70 percent of Elastomer Compounding s.r.o.


Operations of Dunlop GRG Holdings Ltd. (products for protection and transport in demanding environments)
Operations of Andre Structural Bearings (bearings for infrastructure projects),
Remaining 45 percent of Chinese subsidiary Wuxi Trelleborg Vibration Isolator Co Ltd
Operations of Chase-Walton Elastomers Inc (precision aerospace seals)
Cimap Roues Industrielles SAS (industrial tire distribution)

Operations of Armwest Pty Ltd, Australia (rubber sheeting)

Sealing operations of Rollon Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., India (special seals distribution)
Joint-venture agreement with Al Dobowi Ltd (distribution of tires, the Middle East)
Operations within tunnel seals
Machine equipment and other assets within marine fenders


Metzeler Automotive Hose Systems (hose systems)
Dynaflex (speciality hose)
Remaining 49 percent of Eika Corporation (distribution)
Batek (pipe seals)
Operations of Ecoboard (marine fender systems)


Smiths Polymer Sealing Solutions (precision seals),
Operations of DJ Profiles (industrial profiles),
ETU GmbH (industrial profiles)
AK Plast (automotive components)
Unifluid Technologies (speciality hose),
51 percent of South Korean Kunhwa Co Ltd. (automotive components).


Seaward International Inc (USA) (marine fender systems).


Hercules Rubber & Chemicals (Singapore), Queensland Rubber (Australia) and Fentek Marine Systems (Germany) (marine fender systems).
Remaining 40 percent of Trelleborg Wheel Systems S.p.A.
Phønix Tag (sealing systems for roofs).
Laird Automotive Components.


Invensys’ antivibration operations.


DiPro (sealing profiles).


Joint venture agreement with Pirelli regarding radial tires for agricultural machinery.
SRG Bevco in the US (distribution of industrial supplies).
ETM (sealing systems),
Trebolit (sealing systems for roofs),
DBV and Finnish Joule (distribution of rubber membranes).


Yale-South Haven in the US/Mexico, PAV in Brazil (automotive components),
Ibercaucho in Spain (woven products)
Vorwerk in Germany and Sri Lanka (industrial tires),
Wheelbond in South Africa (tire distribution)
Park Rubber in the UK (sealing systems).


CMPP (industrial hose),
Horda (sealing profiles, automotive components and cable composites),
Prelasti in Belgium (sealings and rubber membranes)
Snowden-Anderson in the US/Canada (distribution of industrial supplies)



Divestments since 1999

 Divestment of rubber boots for light vehicles facility
Rubber mixing operation in the Netherlands
Divestment of operation that manufactures components for light vehicles industry
Divestment of operations in gas springs for passenger cars
Divestment of operations in brake hoses for light vehicles
Divestment of roofing operations
Divestment of Fluid Solutions business unit
Divestment of the bitumen sealants production in Finland
Divestment of the cenospheres business of Trelleborg Fillite Ltd
Sales of the distribution business of Trelleborg Coated Systems Italy Srl
Divestment of  Woodville Rail
Divestment of the tentproduction from Trelleborg Engineered Systems Lithuania
Sales of Trelleborg´s interest in Mixcont in Trelleborg
Divestment of the steel workshop in Rechlin, Germany


Divestment of vehicle component operations in Coventry, UK
Divestment of Goodall Rubber Company


Divestment of the remaining holding (49 percent) in the Trenor Group (Ahlsell, Bröderna Edstrand, Reynolds).


Divestment of metal-recovery company Metech; divestment of molded goods operations in Trelleborg Industries UK.



Sale of operations in roll-coverings area.



Trenor divested Starkki

Divestment of manufacturing units in Horda and Ohs.


The remaining holding of ordinary shares in Boliden Ltd was distributed to shareholders

Divestment of operations in Skoogs Elektrogrosshandel GmbH sale of holding in BPA 
Divestment of operations in Chapman
Stock-exchange listing of Sorb Industrier
Divestment of Starckjohann Auto and Trelleborg NV.
Divestment of 51 percent of the Distribution Sector (Ahlsell, Bröderna Edstrand, Reynolds and Starckjohann). The jointly owned Trenor company was formed with the buyer Nordic Capital.


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