Versatile applications of lifting bags across diverse industries

Firemen with a lifting bag

Lifting bags have become indispensable tools across various industries, showcasing their adaptability and effectiveness in addressing diverse challenges. From emergency response to heavy-duty industrial operations, these innovative devices find applications in a wide array of fields, showcasing their versatility and reliability.

Fire and Rescue:

Fire departments and rescue teams utilize lifting bags for various scenarios, such as building colapses, industrial accidents, extrication, vehicle stabilization, and confined space rescues. Government special response teams and OEM fire truck manufacturers also incorporate these bags into their operations.

Mining Industry:

In the mining sector, lifting bags find applications in coal and iron underground operations, shoring, stabilization, quarrying, rerailment, rock splitting, and vehicle recovery.

Transportation and Infrastructure:

Towing companies, road and tunnel operators, and airport maintenance crews utilize lifting bags for a range of tasks, including ground support equipment, spill containment, and maintenance works at airports and marine facilities.

Rescue Training Centers and Companies:

Rescue training centers, catering to ice, mountain, forest, and cave rescue operations, employ lifting bags for simulated rescue scenarios. Companies specializing in rescue services benefit from the bags' ability to lift heavy loads in challenging terrains.

Law Enforcement and Defense:

Law enforcement and defense agencies leverage lifting bags for equipment maintenance, vehicle recovery, and various tactical operations. These bags play a crucial role in shoring, stabilizing structures, and rerailing heavy equipment.

Metalworking and Maintenance (MRO):

Industries involved in pipe welding and maintenance operations benefit from lifting bags for positioning, fixing, jacking, spreading, pushing, and installation tasks.

Renewable Energy and Power Generation:

Lifting bags play a critical role in the renewable energy sector, supporting wind power installations. Additionally, these bags find applications in the oil and gas industry, particularly in pipelining operations.

Building and Construction:

Engineering firms, construction companies, and building movers employ lifting bags for a range of tasks, including heavy transport, house moving, and positioning during construction projects.

Transporting a house on a truck

Forklift and Warehouse Operations:

Forklift and warehouse companies utilize lifting bags for various lifting and positioning tasks, showcasing their adaptability in material handling.

Rock spliting

Airbags are used for removing bigger rocks as they ar slipped in behind the rock and inflated like a balloon. Once inflated, they applied up to 100 tonnes of pressure behind the rock, causing it to become unstable and collapse into a safe area below.

Car racing

Racing cars are equipped with an integrated hydraulic system, designed to elevate the vehicle for tire changes. In the event of a system failure, such as a breakdown or crash during the match, lifting bags are used to lift the car.

Heavy machine transport

They are suitable for low ground clearance and load handling points that cannot be reached with an hydraulic jack.

The widespread use of lifting bags across these diverse industries underscores their importance as versatile and reliable tools, offering innovative solutions to complex challenges. As technology continues to advance, lifting bags are likely to find even more applications, further solidifying their role in various sectors.


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