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Unitex® Ulon HP – Screen Printing Squeegee Blades

Unitex®Ulon HP squeegee range provides optimum performance for the most demanding screen print applications.  It is manufactured from NDI (Naphthalene Diisocyanate) polyurethane technology, which provides the highest level of chemical and abrasion resistance. Unitex®Ulon HP is widely recognized as the best squeegee for use with solvent and UV based inks.

Market leading wear and tear resistance

Ideal for printing thick and thin films, as well as minimizing the use of inks

Precision printing edge

Exceptional quality, especially for printing ultra-thin lines

Resistant to solvents used in modern ink systems 

Long accurate print runs

Made from Vulkollan® 

One of the most innovative and technically advanced elastomers in the world

Key Applications

Ideal for precision or high value applications such as:

Electronic screen Printing

Solar screen printing

Glass screen printing

Optical media screen printing

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PRODUCT Brochure
Unitex Screen Printing-Squeegee Blade Brochure

Squeegee Blades

product sheet
Unitex Squeegee Care

Unitex® Squeegee Care

Unitex Ulon HP Electronic Screen Printing

Electronic Screen Printing

Unitex Ulon HP Solar Screen Printing

Solar Screen Printing

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Unitex Ulon HP Glass Screen Printing

Glass Screen Printing

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Unitex Squeegees Safety Datasheet MSDS

Unitex® Squeegees

Download PDF 

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Unitex Screen Printing Squeegee Blade Wear Test

Independent test report

An evaluation of the wear characteristics of squegees

Support Information

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