Flexo updgrade 2020

Flexo updgrade 2020

Two new important product improvements are now available for flexo printers using Axcyl plate mounting sleevesTrelleborg Printing Solutions Axcyl

These two upgrades have been designed at Trelleborg labs center to further extend the products life span of plate mounting sleeves manufactured in the plant based in Mirambeau, France.

Summary of the upgrades

Improved the design of the cutting guide
Trelleborg Flexo cutting guide

Cutting Guide

The first improvement is related to our unique cutting guide.

Through close collaboration with our supplier, we identified a new compound of epoxy resin & black ceramic particles, resisting extremely well to knife cut abuses.

The mechanical resistance has been demonstrated through many field tests, conducted since September 2019.

All Non Antistatic sleeves ordered with cutting guides are now supplied with this new cutting guides.
This new cutting guide brings several benefits to the printers, as such
  • Even longer life span
  • Easier plate mounting thanks to stronger contrast
Improvement to register slots
trelleborg flexo

Register slots

The second improvement is related to our register slots, for sleeves without metal register inserts - below 15mm thickness for standard sleeves, and 7mm if EA slots are supplied.

Thanks to an experienced research and development activity, we have been able to improve massively the mechanical resistance of our register slots in comparison to the offer available in the market. We replaced also the historical stiffener of Kelvar-Carbone. 

Field tests have confirmed that Axcyl slot resistance is at least as good as the same product of competition. 

All sleeves that are not equipped with metal register insert are now supplied with new Carbon fiber fabric.
This new register slot brings two main benefits to flexo printers:
  • Longer sleeve life span
  • More precise color registration

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