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Flexographic Printing - Axcyl Flexo Plate Mounting Sleeves

At Trelleborg we design and manufacture a wide product offer which is made of Axcyl mounting sleeves for all kind of flexographic printing machines.  

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Dimensional stability of sleeve is essential to guarantee high quality & consistent printing
Thanks to the use of Epoxy resin, combined with its honeycomb structure, Trelleborg sleeve technology is proven as being remarkably stable over time. When compared in similar environment with PU...
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Trelleborg Axcyl Axcylox Sleeve
Costly surface damages on your anilox due to shocks during product handling?
We cover and protect Anilox outer surface is known to be extremely hard and durable, but is also brittle. Any shock on its surface results in permanent damages that are often very costly The Axc...
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Facing severe press bounce issues? Carbon Fiber technology is the answer.
Talking about bouncing   Press bounce is a well-known phenomena in Flexo. It results from shocks between plates and impression cylinder and/or anilox. It generates flexion vibrations of the p...
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Trelleborg unique dampening technology
Capabilities and technology to manufacture flexographic plate mounting sleeves and bridges are unique. When speaking of engineered polymer solutions, the following analogy is a helpful way to vi...
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A set of 10 plate mounting sleeves in less than 10 days? It’s possible with Trelleborg
Trelleborg, leading manufacturer of the Axcyl sleeve product range, launched the Fast Track Service at Label Expo 2015. On a global scale, this service allows printers to deliver their goods much ...
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New metal ring for flexo printers
Trelleborg introduces a new and competitive metal ring on the flexo bridge range. This new technology, designed internally and field validated, allows a consistent and improved reinforcement of ed...
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