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Trelleborg Printing Solutions Axcyl

Trelleborg’s Axcyl® advanced plates mounting sleeves assist flexographic printers and press manufacturers in their production for a variety of printing requirements. 


Long-lasting sleeves for better productivity 

Flexo Videos

Trelleborg Axcyl - Axcylox
Trelleborg Axcyl - Bridge metal ring and ball valves
Trelleborg Axcyl - Dynamic sleeve behavior
Trelleborg Axcyl - Sleeves facias
Trelleborg Axcyl - Bridges and sleeves usage
Trelleborg Axcyl - Cutting guide
Trelleborg Axcyl - Reinforced registered slot

Reducing bounce

Axcyl & Simonazzi at Omet Innovation Park: where technology meets printers

Axcyl Simonazzi 720x405
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