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Vulcan Mytho Evo - the blanket revolution in heatset printing

This below is a success story on Vulcan Mytho Evo made by our German Dealer Streb AG, who is distributing the Vulcan and Rollin product lines in Germany.

[source STREB - Germany]

"It was developed to further optimize our well-known and proven Vulcan Mytho printing blanket. Mytho Evo is now equipped with an innovative surface and an improved, more durable carcass. This decreases delamination, has a positive effect on resilience and dynamics, and reduces heat build-up.

Before the mid-2021 launch, extensive field tests were carried out with substantial support from the APPL GROUP in Wemding. The printing company is one of the leading European suppliers in web-offset and sheetfed-offset production and print finishing. It produces high-quality illustrated volumes, books, catalogs, magazines and newspaper supplements for renowned European publishing, industry and retail customers.

Convincing test results
The tests carried out under market conditions confirmed the high expectations for our new premium printing blanket in every respect:

  • Vulcan Mytho Evo significantly cuts paper dust and ink build-up; there is no ghosting (burn-in of the printed image) even after very long print runs
  • The new edge-side sealing and backside protection significantly reduce the penetration of pressroom chemicals into the blanket, thus increasing its durability
  • The use of Vulcan Mytho Evo requires no change in curves or parameters compared to the previously used blanket
  • The blanket also makes a convincing impression during "setup"; no machine parameters require adjusting
"Clamp and print"
In the opinion of the printing specialists involved in the test, Vulcan Mytho Evo's handling and mounting behavior is very straightforward. The simple clamping and unclamping significantly speed up blanket changes and save time in production. This assessment was also confirmed by Rudolf Ortner, Head of Print Heatset at APPL: "The changeover to Mytho Evo was very fast and uncomplicated, and offers us significant added value in terms of productivity."

Source STREB  (copyright)