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Trelleborg’s Vulcan Sunrise – the optimum blanket for new UV technologies

Trelleborg’s Vulcan Sunrise – the optimum blanket for new UV technologies
Following its drupa 2016 technology announcement about the new Vulcan Sunrise offset blanket, Trelleborg is now on the verge of launching the product to the market. Vulcan Sunrise, a dedicated UV blanket designed for the latest UV technologies, has been undergoing extensive field trials at several sites, including Druckerei AG Suhr in Switzerland. 
“The introduction of increasingly cost effective UV technologies, such as LED UV and HUV, has resulted in the process becoming more attractive,” says Patrick Martin, sales manager offset at Chromos, the Swiss subdealer for Trelleborg’s German distributor Streb. 

“In addition to UV, a growing number of printers are tackling the even bigger challenge of implementing FM screening. In this scenario, everything around the press - prepress, press settings and consumables - needs to function perfectly in a particular predetermined manner. Even though this is such a demanding process, success offers the chance to produce what is probably the best print quality that can be achieved in commercial sheet-fed. 

“Once the printer has the correct combination, you can be certain he won’t want anything to alter. This means that the blanket has to be highly reliable and it’s why most printers prefer the ability of Trelleborg’s premium products to produce consistent sharp dots and high quality print, while ensuring stability during production.

“The majority of printers in Switzerland using FM screens with conventional inks have fitted Vulcan Folio blankets on their press, which means that we have an in-depth experience of working with customers utilizing this screening technology,” continues Patrick Martin. “Trelleborg’s R&D specialists are able to call upon an extensive knowledge of print-related technologies when developing new blankets.

“This has certainly been the case with the new Vulcan Sunrise, which incorporates some of the design features of the Vulcan Folio that made the latter perform so effective when combining FM screens and conventional inks. Its unrivalled ability to reproduce FM screened work with UV inks meant that Vulcan Sunrise was the obvious choice for Druckerei Suhr.”

Druckerei AG Suhr has been successfully using Vulcan Sunrise on its Ryobi 928 LED-UV press to print a wide variety of demanding commercial jobs, including 4,000 dpi FM screens. The eight-unit Ryobi was installed at the beginning of 2016 and since then the company has had its existing six-unit Ryobi 526 retrofitted with LED UV facilities and now plans to fit Vulcan Sunrise to this press. 

Druckerei AG Suhr owner and general manager is Reinhard Niederer. “We are very environmentally conscious and this is one of the reasons we decided to go down the LED UV route,” he says. “It also allows us to produce extremely high-quality print, as well as turning work around more quickly by being able to put sheets through the finishing department as soon as the job comes off the press. We have fewer stacks of paper lying around and the entire factory floor becomes more efficient.

“We get excellent service and support from Chromos, which has worked very closely with us. Their expertise has been invaluable. We are now improving the final product even further by printing FM work with UV inks on uncoated stock. This combination provides brilliant reproduction, enabling us to take on the most demanding sheet-fed commercial work such as the highest-quality brochures, leaflets and flyers.”

Druckerei AG Suhr employs 20 people and has been in existence for 60 years. The majority of its customers are local to the factory in Suhr, close to Aarau. Reinhard Niederer says that with the new facilities he intends to seek orders from much further afield. In addition to its offset presses the company operates a comprehensive selection of digital output equipment, which allows it to serve the diverse needs of an expanding customer base. 

Matthias Horn is Regional Sales Director for Trelleborg Printing Solutions. “One of the great advantages of having a global view of the market is that we can steer our R&D efforts to produce offset blanket solutions that let printers obtain the greatest benefits from emerging technologies,” he says. “Vulcan Sunrise is a perfect example of how we have created a blanket alongside industry developments in inks and presses. 

“In the case of Vulcan Sunrise we have produced a blanket specifically for use with the latest UV curing systems. By improving the surface characteristics to ensure high dot reproduction, reduced back-trapping and even better process stability, Vulcan Sunrise offers an enhanced performance that increases significantly the efficiency of the offset printing process,” says Matthias Horn.

“Mr Niederer and his team at Druckerei AG Suhr are a good example of a traditional commercial printer embracing state-of-the-art technologies to ensure they are on the right track to grow their business and face the challenges of the future.”

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