Print UV 2016

Print UV 2016

Trelleborg printing solutions operations is proud to be the only blanket manufacturer to sponsor Print UV for four years in a row. 

Trelleborg  is fully committed to supporting the high growth UV market with continued product development activities. 
New state of the art UV products are now available through our sales channel.
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New products for UV and coating jobs

Mylar backed polymer coating blankets:
Printec 2115-2135-2195
· Vulcan X Coat Plus

Mylar backed rubber coating blankets:
· Printec 3115-3135

Fabric backed printing blankets for web and sheetfed:
· Pack UVE 
· Vulcan UV 
· TX-16-01

Adhesive backed printing blankets:
· Vulcan UV adhesive

Complete line up of UV products including:
· industry leader UVE, PFUV, PTC 844
· complete line of UV adhesive and mylar backed products in a variety of gauges

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