Trelleborg Announces Tractor Driver of the Year 2020 Winner

Trelleborg Wheel Systems ran its highly anticipated ‘Tractor Driver of the Year’ event for a second time on 15 February 2020 in San Martino del Lago, Cremona, Italy. After four key challenges the winner, out of 40 participants, was Mirko Fontana and in second place Alberto Alegretti, the previous year’s winner.

Alessandro Mazzolini, Managing Director of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Italy, said: “Trelleborg’s ‘Tractor Driver of the Year’ event is one of a kind, and we are thrilled to offer our valued customers a chance to showcase their skills in truly demanding challenges. Driven by our customer-first philosophy, Trelleborg created the ‘Tractor Driver of the Year’ challenge to offer its end users an exciting, high-quality experience.

“The challenge is a tribute to excellence, both in terms of the skills of tractor drivers and the outstanding performance of our agricultural tires. We are proud to see how Trelleborg tires perform when put to the test, and it is an honour to reward those who showcase our products’ potential.”

Forty tractor drivers from across Italy gathered together for the one-day event. To test the tractor drivers’ skills, Trelleborg organized four key challenges in the field: first on maneuvering, then hoisting, followed by reversing and maneuvering with a trailer, and finally plowing. The day ended with the announcement of this year’s ‘Tractor Driver of the Year’ winner.

Many of the attendees were returning participants, who came back to see the premium performance of Trelleborg tires close up, including the tires’ maneuverability, versatility and traction capacity.

In addition to the challenge, participants and the attendees had the opportunity to see a live demo of Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) Plus, as well as a pressure detection system that was applied to the Fendt 516 Vario dx rear tractor tire. This demonstration was followed by the Italian preview of the new Trelleborg’s Central Tire Inflation System, CTIS+ inside.

Two major technical partners joined the event: Fendt provided the tractors, including the demo tractor equipped with Trelleborg’s TLC Plus; Merlo provided the telehandler.

The Trelleborg TLC Plus App is an advanced, sensor-based check-up system, which measures potential tire pressure gaps between the optimum pressure and the actual tire inflation pressure and relays this information, with recommended adjustments, via wireless connectivity to the farmer’s mobile device or PC.

The new smart Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS+ Inside) enables tractor drivers to inflate or deflate tire pressures directly from the tractor cabin, according to the recommended pressure calculated by the advanced Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC). Adopting the right tire pressure can reduce farming variable costs by over 20%, reducing fuel consumption and increasing traction power and crop yields, while protecting and enhancing the modern farming business. 

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