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Twin Forestry T480 - L-G HULTSJÖS Skogsmaskiner AB – Sweden

“L-G Hultsjös Skogsmaskiner AB has been logging the forests of Småland for more than 25 years. With eight employees and a fleet comprised of three harvesters and one forwarder, all Komatsu machines, we’re one of the largest contractors in the region.

I became a partner in the company in 1996, together with my father Lars-Gunnar Hultsjö. At that time, he’d been running the company for a while and was already a loyal Trelleborg customer. Since then, we’ve always been pleased with the tires and the few times we’ve needed to contact Trelleborg the service has been great.

The main harvesting services we offer are thinning and final logging, mostly for our biggest customer Sydved. We work an area south-west of the city of Jönköping, with highly diverse types of terrain. One day we might be working in the hills, the next on the plains. One distinguishing feature is the many wetlands, which means that we often need to use tracks. I’d say that’s about 70 percent of the time.

We’ve just invested in a Komatsu 901 that will mostly be used for thinning in varied terrain. That machine is currently working in a very hilly area, with both steep inclines and flat wetlands. Since we’ve always used tires from Trelleborg, they were the obvious choice for our new Komatsu. We decided on the latest Twin Forestry T480, since they’re specially designed for using with tracks. So far we’ve clocked up about 350 hours with the tires, solely with tracks, and we’re very pleased.

What I like most about the Twin Forestry T480 is the traction and the unbeatable force transmission from tire to track. The tires have transverse grooves that grip the tracks and hold them firmly. This makes working with the Twin Forestry T480 tires very different compared to the competition.”

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