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Professional farmers share some of their most interesting stories about Trelleborg solutions

Trelleborg Heroes - TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® - Del Gelsomino - Italy

We visited the “Del Gelsomino” farm in Orte, Italy.
It was really great to see our TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tires in action on their Fendt 930 Vario and it was exciting to listen to their positive experience with our tires.

Pneutrac & New Holland at Tenuta Marchesi Frescobaldi                    

Discover how an Italian Excellence such as Marchesi Frescobaldi got advantage by equipping an amazing New Holland T4.110N tractor, with our PneuTrac tires !

Trelleborg PneuTrac Our Heroes

Trelleborg PneuTrac is a solution that combines the advantages both of radial argicultural tires and tracks.

Trelleborg TM1060

«Therefore we easily noticed that TM1060 performed really well in severe conditions.»

Trelleborg TM3000

"... Our experience with Trelleborg TM3000 is very good."

Trelleborg TM900 High Power

«...the main benefits of the TM900 High Power are: traction due to its tread pattern, self cleaning due to the interlug terraces"

Trelleborg TH400

«The most important benefits of the TH400 for us are high stability of the tire...»     

Trelleborg VIP

«...Using VIP, we achieve low soil compaction, so the water can drain more easily

Trelleborg TM700 ProgressiveTraction

“We have chosen the TM700 ProgressiveTraction for its high self-cleaning qualities and for its improved traction capacity...”

Trelleborg TM1000 High Power

“...and we have chosen the TM1000 High Power for the 1050 because this is a great tire…”

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Professional farmers share some of their most interesting stories about Trelleborg solutions

James Murrell, manager - Murrell Contracting
Martin Haskett, Agricultural Contractor
Martin Haskett Agricultural Contracting Ltd is coming to the end of its 21st season. It’s a substantial business, with twelve tractors, primarily Fendt but with some John Deere, rangi...
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Trelleborg Heroes Eduard Viñolas Spain
A tire for all season
In the southern U.S. state of Arkansas, David Petter grows rice along with his brother Robert on a farm that includes some acreage that has been in his family for more than 100 years. “Rice ...
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Trelleborg Heroes Eduard Viñolas Spain
Eduard Viñolas Spain
Eduard was contacted and hired directly from FC Barcelona for his professionalism and work speed. The club needed to change the grass of the main football field in record time of just one day! For...
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Trelleborg Heroes Eucatex Brazil
Eucatex Brazil
“Eucatex is one of Brazil’s largest manufacturers of products for the construction and furniture industries, such as laminated flooring and MDF panels. Each year, the company produces some 1.5 mil...
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Trelleborg Heroes Eurl Bédère - France
Eurl Bédère - France
“Since the start in 1998, my company Eurl Bédère has been focused on logging in south-west France. We’re located in the small municipality of Orx, at the heart of France’s largest forestland. Two ...
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Trelleborg Heroes L-G HULTSJÖS Skogsmaskiner AB Sweden
L-G HULTSJÖS Skogsmaskiner AB Sweden
“L-G Hultsjös Skogsmaskiner AB has been logging the forests of Småland for more than 25 years. With eight employees and a fleet comprised of three harvesters and one forwarder, all Komatsu machine...
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Trelleborg Heroes Kurt Robson - USA
Kurt Robson - USA
Kurt Robson runs a farming operation in Cisco, IL and is a third generation farmer specializing in corn and soybeans. Spanning five counties, he prefers to run Trelleborg tires for his work. Since...
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Trelleborg Heroes Jerry Scotchman - UK
Jerry Scotchman
Suspension systems and faster top travel speeds mean modern tractors are capable of far higher outputs in the field and on the road than just a few years ago. The right tire equipment, though, is ...
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Trelleborg Heroes James Sapsed - UK
James Sapsed - UK
Swapping from a crawler to a tired tractor helped a Herts farm get drilled up in good time last autumn, but advice on pressures and weights was crucial to getting the performance required from its...
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