Magazines and Books

Magazines & Books

Most commonly printed on heatset machines, these applications requires reliable blankets to avoid paper breaks and machine downtime while assuring  perfect ink transfer. Thanks to a wide selection of blankets with the "Feed-0 Technology" and the "Dynatech system", Trelleborg Printing Solutions meets the needs of printers worldwide. One of the most famous blankets with Feed-0 properties is Vulcan Mytho. This blanket, created in the laboratories of Lodi Vecchio in Italy, is still the only rubber, neutral-feed, offset blanket on the market. Its successful use on all heatset presses for printing a huge range of products, from books and catalogs to commercial leaflets and magazines, has made it extremely popular around the globe. Combining the absolute minimum paper wastage with the highest print quality, Vulcan Mytho is indeed a legend within the offset blanket world. Read more